Atar3D virtual classroom service unified video conferencing and live distance learning, in one Flexible and easy to use platform. Using the advanced features of modern browsers. Our service is based on a new generation of online system that do not require any software installation on your computer or mobile device.

Features teacher's enjoy

לימוד אינטרנטי בכיתה וירטואלית בדפדפן ללא התקנת תוכנהSo easy for students to participate.

Enter a meeting without installing software. on any operating system, all you need is a browser.

שליטה מרחוק בתלמידים כיתה וירטואלית.You are in control

As moderator, you control the audio for all users, you can make anyone presente and Lock system features, students can use Emoticon, or raise hand.

Video Conferencing

Use your webcam to add that personal touch – it’s almost like being there in person. Up to 12 people can video conference at once, + 18 more audio conference Participants.
or change to webinar mode to lecture and brodcast your video to up to 200 Listeners.

you can also share multiple cameras from the same pc.

Tablet or smartphone.כיתה ווירטואלית בטאבלט ללא התקנת תוכנה

Special optimized interface for mobile Android device. use voice, chat, view a presentation. No need to install an app!

לוח ציור משותף להרצאה אינטראקטיביות ברשתPresentation

You can upload any PDF or Microsoft office document to present, zoom, pan, and keep students in sync.
The built-in whiteboard tools allow you to zoom, highlight, draw and write on your presentation to make your point clear to remote students.
Students can download the presentation if you allow it.

Control your layoutlayoutr

As a viewer, you can change your layout to emphasize the presentation, chat or video, whatever makes the most sense for enhanced learning.
and then make students screen sync to the layout you selected.

תקשורת בוובינר בעזרת צ'אט ציבורי או פרטי Chat

You can interact with everyone in the class through public and private chat.

Desktop Sharing

Go beyond slides. The presenter can broadcast their desktop for all students to see. Works on Mac, Unix and PC. (requires presenter to use FireFox browser)

הרשאות כניסה לובינר Authorization popup

you can control who can access the meeting from within a meeting.
when a "guest user" wants to join the meeting he will need your approval to join.

recorded sessions.הקלטת שעור או וובינר בכיתה הווירטואלית

Don’t worry if you’ve missed a class. teacher can record the session for later playback on your browser. the recording includes all the interaction made in the virtual classroom